key signature

you are major or you’re minor. Since the day you were born, since the day you seized hold of the uterine wall as a blastocystic lump, you were a major or you were a minor key.

Look at two people: the key signature is the same, there are the same number of sharps or the same number of flats, and you can’t tell until you read the melody——even then, you sometime’s can’t tell without at least a counterpoint or full harmony but one will be in a minor key one major and every breath, every word they utter, every step they walk, every sky they see, will lie in the frame of that key signature and context: major/minor. One happier, one sadder; one ironic, one poignant; one laughing, one crying.

But you cannot tell until you read the melody that walks across the stave, until you read the passage of their life and see it’s wake. Major. Minor. One or the other. Nobody starts in the centre


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