hollow Man

What are we to make of a man who twice within a week invaded his dead son’s privacy, (mis)using son’s disability to camouflage his wholesale deconstruction of the NHS, his stripping the disabled of their benefits, his oversight of a vast Tory machine ramming a tide of hate towards the disabled through its propaganda.

Since gaining office, Cameron and his ministers have raised the dead spectre of the disability-benefits cheat, dripfeeding the Daily Mail stories of people on the maximum allowed for mobility running marathons, water-skiing, and the like.

Time and again he talks of those on disability benefit whilst able to work or actually working while fully aware that the benefit in question is paid to employed and the unemployed alike.

Yet DLA, the benefit in question, has the lowest rate of fraud of any benefit according to the department’s own statistics.

Of course egregious examples can be found-but that is exactly what they are: exceptional, out of the norm.
He knows this full well, and also knows exactly what he is doing to the health services, spending two billion at a time of extreme austerity to rip it apart from the ground up so clubable types can privatise the majority, and meanwhile he holds up his love of his son as political cover.

And let us not forget the lack of a mandate and moreover that he promised not only to protect front line services but also an end to distracting, expensive, reorganizations-a promise repeated by the coalition…

He has told us he claimed DLA for his son, despite his exceptional wealth. He is taking it away from thousands in far less fortunate circumstances, shredding the services that would have supported his son, all while being in a unique position of knowledge.

What kind of man is this?


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